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Paintless car body dent repair is a special technique for repair and removal of dents and dings from the car body.
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Paintless car body dent repair is a special technique for repair and removal of dents and dings from the car body, providing that the paint hasn’t been cracked or damaged.


The secret of removing small dents and small car body damages caused by hail storms lies in the car body repair technique that doesn’t utilise filling materials or paint.


This technique enables dent removal from the underside of the damaged panel; however, the procedure must be performed by a professional technician with the use of specialized dent removal tools.


The result is stunning and this is certainly one of the best solutions for you car repair.


In most cases, this kind of car repair is far cheaper than the service provided by a regular car mechanic workshop. The main advantage of this kind of technique is that you do not have to worry about matching the same colour shade as the original paint, since the original factory
car paint is preserved through this procedure.


The technician utilising this specialised tool repairs the damage by gently massaging the dent out from the underside of the damaged car body until the panel regains the new shape and look it had before the damage was caused.


With PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) technique, the best results are achieved when repairing flat and shallow dents. The dent diameter is not important; what is important is the depth of the dent, the sharpness of the edges and the access to the underside of the car body.


In case the dent cannot be reached by our specialised tool, we use special taps in combination with glue that doesn’t damage the car paint.


All repairs are carried out under special lighting, with which we make sure no scratch or dent is left behind.


However, this procedure should be carried out with a great deal of caution in order not to damage the original paint. This is why we only work with the best experts with many years of experience!


This technique offers guaranteed repair service satisfaction for the following types of dents:
• Hail storm dents
• Parking dents
• Damage from different falling objects.


In cases where the paint is damaged or the dent is very deep and sharp, the car body cannot be repaired with the use of this technique (overstretched sheet metal). In such cases, only the PDR technique can be utilised to assist the regular car body repair. The sheet metal is levelled to such a degree as to enable the repair without any application of the basic car filler. This certainly ensures a higher quality of the car repair service.