FAQ - Magic Dents
What kind of dents can be repaired with this technique? Does insurance cover these kinds of repairs? How long does it take to remove the dents?
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What kind of dents can be repaired with this technique?
With this technique we are able to repair most regular dents. The only obstacle can be the depth and size of the dent. Large and flat dents can be removed much more easily than smaller and sharper dents.


Does insurance cover these kinds of repairs?
Of course, as the repair cost is considerably lower. Dent repairs (parking dents, shopping trolley dents…) cost less than the deductible for private vehicles.


Can dents be removed from all parts of the car body?
Generally speaking, yes. We are only limited in terms of the amount of underside access available. In case the underside is not accessible, we try to repair the dents from the upper side with the use of special taps.


Is the dismantling of the car interior necessary for the repair?
Not always, but sometimes it is.


Is the dismantling of car body parts (doors, trunk cover etc.) necessary for the repair?
The dismantling of car body parts is not necessary, except in exceptional cases.


How long does it take to remove the dents?
In most cases the dent removal work is carried out in one hour. Hail damage repair time depends on the number, size and location of the dents.


Can cars be repaired on-site?
Absolutely. All we need is the right equipment and a dark room if possible.




A very important fact is that car dents cannot be removed with the use of taps alone.
Nowadays, almost every car garage uses taps; however, they cannot guarantee a quality service through the exclusive use of taps.


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